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3 Concepts for Mogtel Security

About the Client:

Security company specializing in protecting data.

Client's Request:

Something suggestive of a shield, or layers, or a protected core, or just something cool with the letter "M".

Logos for Trucking Companies

About the Logos:

A logo can represent not just the company, but also its personality (e.g. a bold, or fun company, or a serious, establised business).

Wordmark Logos

About the Logos:

Not all logos need a separate mark. It's a matter of preference, but a text-based design can just as effectively represent the company.

Handwritten Logos

About the Logos:

From realtors, to restaurants, to photographers, a handwritten design is a good way to communicate a personal touch.

3 Concepts for Kristy Francis


Dog Trainer.

Client's Request:

The trainer wanted to see her labrador depicted in the design. For maximum choice, we've shown a wide range of styles.

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3 Concepts for Virgil Smith Electrical


Licensed Electrician.

Client's Request:

An emblem with a retro / old-school feel, with a lightning bolt or sparks.

Elegant Logos

About the Logos:

A little gold, some fluid lines, or a symmetric ornate design, go a long way in creating an upscale feel to the brand.

Logos for Cleaning Companies

About the Logos:

From smaller residentail cleaners, to bigger commmercial cleaning companies, we can communicate a friendly attitude or a professional demeanour with the logo.

Logos for Excavation Companies

About the Logos:

It's a common request to include an excavator in the logo. While that could pigeonhole the compnay, it also communicates great expertise.

Character Logos

About the Logos:

Another great way to communicate a compnay's personality is with a character. It can be a person or animal, or even a personified object.

Logos for Window Washing Companies

About the Logos:

Tools of the trade are a good way to go, but the company name is more memorable when the logo echoes it in some way.

Logos for Plumbing Companies

About the Logos:

A logo can suggest a particular specialization like say, on-call residential plumbing, or a familiarity with fountains, or keep it open.

3 Concepts for Product Lab


Product development.

Client's Request:

Something with a lightbulb to represent ideas, and perhaps a chemical beaker.

Graceful Logos

About the Logos:

Softer colors and fluid lines can make a logo appear more feminine. At the same time, this combination can create a sense of wonder and mystery.

Whimsical Logos

About the Logos:

While company logos tend to be more reserved, their product logos - like these for a pocket sound amplifier, or book, can be much more fun!

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